Graduate of Entrepreneurship (G.E)

So, you wanna be an Entrepreneur!?

At therodinhoods, we love that ambition and will do whatever it takes to make you one!

This post is an attempt to present (my) relevant learnings in one place, as ‘course’ material, so that if you diligently go through the same, you can become a ‘Graduate of Entrepreneurship’, almost instantly!!

The 11 Lessons detailed are:

Lesson 1 – What kind of Business do you want to start?
Lesson 2 – Keeping your FOCUS
Lesson 3 – Understanding how to Finance your Startup
Lesson 4 – Demystifying ‘BRAND’ and what it means
Lesson 5 – Starting up – How to make a good PPT!
Lesson 6 – Starting up – How to write effective e-mails!
Lesson 7 – Getting noticed.  Tips on PR
Lesson 8 – Pricing what you sell – a lateral thought exercise
Lesson 9 – Hiring via ESOPS – Tips and Rules
Lesson 10 – Understanding the Basics of Funding
Lesson 11 – Pitching to a VC! Template for your Funding 

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TheRodinhoods Brand Stop! Case Study #1 – Sahara


Vroooooom… Chugghhh… Clank… Whizzz…Swooosh.. Sputter…

If you’ve heard these sounds at the Grand Prix Races, then it’s time we made you hear the same at therodinhoods!

Introducing the world’s first Pit ’Brand-Stop’

What is the Brand Stop?

If you have a brand, care for one or simply think that a particular brand needs attention, or can be a great case study, then ‘drive’ it in!
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Could Air-Bags have saved Gopinath Munde?

I feel very very sorry for the untimely and tragic death of Gopinath Munde.

Unfortunately, India IS the road death capital of the world – we have more that 650 people who die EVERYDAY on the roads just by car deaths..

Most of us in India like to SPEED, drive without a care for self, passengers or fellow motorists and believe that ACCIDENTS CAN’T HAPPEN TO US.
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Can you solve this entrepreneurial problem…?

Why do entrepreneurs start simple and complicate their path to success?

This question has bothered me for years…. (I am a culprit myself!)

Hence this small exercise in form of a PPT.
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So, you wanna get noticed, huh?!

Yeah!!! Here’s the piece I recently wrote for Business Standard’s Brand Derby!!


How to get your brand noticed online 

Let’s say that you are a friend of mine and are keen to help me market a new mouth freshener candy that I plan to launch. 

We both agree that nothing works better than ‘direct consumer experience’; hence letting potential consumers taste my new candy would be the best way to generate word-of-mouth and potential sales in the long term. 

Since you are such a good friend, you agree to dress up in a rectangular coloured costume that resembles my new candy pack and stand in the center of the railway station with thousands of free samples to give away. The orange, blue, yellow and red costume screams, “Grab this candy – it’s FREE…!” 
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The Art of Winning by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sometimes, the Universe grants you what you want, almost instantly!

Just out of the blue, it just occurred to me that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Guruji to many) is as much as an ENTREPRENEUR as he is a Guru, Spiritual leader, Yogi, Art of Living Founder, etc etc.

Now, if he IS an Entrepreneur, then WHY isn’t Rodinhood (me) interviewing him? So, I just mailed Sri Sri’s office with the pitch that said, “Let me interview Sri Sri as an Entrepreneur so that all the startup entrepreneurs understand what it takes to build an organisation like the Art of Living directly from the founder and take away many precious lessons!”

Believe it or not, in less than 24 hours, I got a “We like your idea” mail from HIS office.

I was on the plane the next day, and interviewed Sri Sri (Magical “daadiwala” to me) in the cute media cottage next to his operating office in Bangalore!

Enjoy the interview  that includes Sri Sri’s secrets and failures and many other insights!  The transcript with my favorite parts is produced just after the video!!

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The 2% of Everything!

By Alok Kejriwal:

Yeah!!! Here’s another piece I wrote for the holy Brand Equity of the Economic Times that appeared today!! Full produced article after the image…

The 2% of Everything 

When I started my first digital entrepreneurial venture – in 1998, I was an innocent fool. Coming from a wealthy Marwari family business that made hosiery (polite word for socks), I had assumed that things happened simply by asking. If asking didn’t work, they did by requesting. And if requesting didn’t work, then I got my way by demanding! 
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